Some Firsts for the 20th Century

First Time Humanity Could Destroy Itself

It is no small fact that the 1950s was that period in history

when humanity obtained for the first time the ability to

completely destroy itself.

Many can remember events such as the Cuban missile

crisis which brought humanity to the edge of extinction.

Satan must have been working overtime to foil Gods

endtimes plan. Satan knows his time is short.

First Atheist Nation the U.S.S.R.

The reason the world was brought to the edge of

destruction was because of the existence of the first

governmentally defined atheist nation, the Union of

Soviet Socialist Republics.

The U.S.S.R. must be seen as a demonic creation.

This attempt at global domination and destruction

was a threat to the whole world. Nuclear war was a

real possibility for decades, a war that would have

killed everyone on the planet.

As previously stated Satan tried to interrupt the

completion of Gods plan.

If there are no people there is no antichrist and no

Christian apostasy and persecution.

Instantaneous Global Communication in 20th Century

Allows for the spread of the Gospel to all the nations.

Also this fact is important because it allows for a close

coordination of human activities that will become

global in nature. If we enter a time of great persecution

believers may not be capable of defending themselves

because events will unfold so quickly. Enemies across

the world could work in concert to destroy any chances

of possible Christian survival. In a true Globally

connected world there is no place to hide.

As we watch events unfold and various forces take

control we can see in this country and around the world

secular and religious entities growing in intolerance.

The day may come when some people miss the

Christianity and its humanizing face which

they forced underground and out of sight.

Additional Important Marker of Gods Action

Miraculous proof of Jesus in the 20th century in the Shroud of Turin

Modern scientific study of the Shroud began in 1898

with the first photograph. There has been constant

growth since then with some setbacks along the way.

The proof when studied thoroughly is overwhelming.

People do not want to believe something when it is too

good to be true, but 20th century science details this

miracle. And it is only in the 20th century that we have

this research and proof.

It is possible the Shroud was proven authentic in our

time in order to give us strength for the coming great


Do not try to understand the Shroud from only one

website or one book. This is a subject that needs to be

surrounded. Check and verify everything to be satisfied.

People may have a hard time with this but HARD study

of the Shroud will pay off.

This cloth IS THE burial shroud of Jesus. Forget the

superficial or outdated criticisms. God has given our

time a miracle, He has not abandoned us.

See for proof that Jesus

is who He Says He is.

Proof of Jesus Resurrection