Pope Paul VI at the United Nations General Assembly, October 4, 1965

1965 An Important Year

These are excerpts of the speech, the whole speech may be

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In this address to the UN in 1965 at

its beginning and its end the pope acknowledges the

MISSION OF THE CHURCH and in a substantial way the


Is this the fulfilment of the prophecy after which the end

will come?

Important phrases have been capitalized.

Near the Opening of the Speech

"--------You know well who We are.---------" Whatever may be the opinion you have of the Pontiff of Rome, you know Our mission. We are the bearer of a message for all mankind. And this We are, not only in Our own personal name and in the name of the great Catholic family, but also in the name of those Christian brethren who share the sentiments We express here, and particularly of those who kindly charged Us explicitly to be their spokesman here."----------- LIKE A MESSENGER WHO, AFTER A LONG JOURNEY, FINALLY SUCCEEDS IN DELIVERING THE LETTER ENTRUSTED TO HIM , We are conscious of living through a PRIVILEDGED MOMENT, however brief, which FULFILLS a desire cherished in Our heart for nearly twenty centuries.-------------" For, you remember, We have been journeying long and We bring with Us a long history; WE HERE CELEBRATE THE EPILOGUE of a toilsome pilgrimage in search of a conversation with the entire world, from the day the command was given to Us: "GO AND BRING THE GOOD TIDINGS TO ALL PEOPLES."--------- AND IT IS YOU WHO REPRESENT ALL PEOPLES -------" Let Us tell you that We have a message for all of you, a good message to deliver to each one of you.

Near the Closing of the Speech

It is thus, and in no other way, that peace can be built. One more word, Gentlemen, one last word: this edifice which you are constructing does not rest upon merely material and earthly foundations, for if so, it would be a house built upon sand; it rests above all on our own consciences. The hour has indeed struck for "CONVERSION," for PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION, for interior renewal. We must get used to thinking of man in a new way; and of men's life in common in a new way; in a new way, too, of the paths of history and the destiny of the world, IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE WORDS OF SAINT PAUL, TO "PUT ON THE NEW MAN, WHICH HAS BEEN CREATED ACCORDING TO GOD IN JUSTICE AND HOLINESS OF TRUTH" (Eph. 4:23).
The hour has come for a halt, a moment of contemplation, of reflection, almost of prayer; a moment to think anew of our common origin, our history, our common destiny. . In a word, then, the edifice of modern civilization must be built upon SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES; the only principles capable not only of supporting it but also of enlightening and animating it. And these indispensable principles of superior wisdom must be founded this, as you know, is OUR BELIEF UPON FAITH IN GOD. THAT UNKNOWN GOD OF WHOM SAINT PAUL SPOKE TO THE ATHENIANS ON THE AREOPAGUS? UNKNOWN TO THEM, ALTHOUGH WITHOUT REALIZING IT, THEY SOUGHT HIM AND HE WAS CLOSE TO THEM, AS HAPPENS TO SO MANY MEN OF OUR TIMES?"------------- For Us, in any case, and for all those who accept THE INEFFABLE REVELATION WHICH CHRIST HAS GIVEN US OF HIM, HE IS THE LIVING GOD, THE FATHER ALL MEN.--------------"

Pope Paul VI actually relates this speech to the fulfillment

of the prophecy. Many people who are not Catholic will

have a difficult time accepting this possibility. In fact many

Catholics will automatically reject this conclusion. However,

within the speech the Pope acknowledges the fact that

he is speaking "in the name of those Christian bretheren who

share the sentiments" expressed in the speech.

There is a significant possibility this is the moment of

fulfillment of the prophecy. It is interesting that the Pope

chose to reference Pauls speech to the Athenians in his

speech to the United Nations. The Popes speech is very

carefull in the words and examples chosen as he preached

the Gospel to all peoples on that day. A preaching which

continues to this day.

Not to be forgotten is the 6 Day War which took place a mere

2 years later, putting Jerusalem under control of the Jewish


It would be quite a coincidence for these 2 events not to be