Two Markers for the End Times

God gives signs or markers so that we know when something

is complete.

Gospel Preached to all Nations.

Mt 24:14 "and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached

throughout the world as a witness to all nations, and then

the end will come."

A prophecy such as preaching the Gospel to all nations can

be left open forever if not for a marker.

In 1965 Pope Paul VI spoke to the General Assembly

of the United Nations in New York, the Babylon of our time.

It gives a point in time that lets us know that the prophecy

was fulfilled or will be fulfilled soon, maybe 40 or 70 years.

Global communications allow for the spread of the Gospel

to remote regions of the world again making it difficult to

mark a point when we can know the prophecy is fulfilled.

An important note to this prophecy is that the Vatican

maintains a Permanent Observer Mission to the United

Nations in which a Christian perspective is continually

presented to all the nations. Only anti-Catholics would

reject this mission as a Christian outreach to the world.

Read excerpts of the Popes UN speech

The Times of the Gentiles

Lk 21:24 "..Jerusalem will be trampled underfoot by the

gentiles until the times of the gentiles are fulfilled"

A familiar event that many people have considered in end

time calculations is the Israeli 6 Day War in 1967. Prior to

this date the state of Israel was not in control of the old city

of Jerusalem.

Jesus made an important prophecy concerning Jerusalem

and the times of the gentiles.

1965 and 1967 fulfill 2 prophecies Jesus made,

is their proximity to each other a coincidence

What Makes The Fulfillment of the Gentiles the Endtimes

The word 'fulfilled' means not only to complete or

accomplish but to execute an office or finish a task.

The Gentiles being a non Jewish people were given

their own task. Logically it can be assumed that what

is meant is the Christian mission. That mission is now

coming to a close. Considering that Jesus was talking

about an endtime scenario at the time the context

gives its meaning.

This makes sense in light of the Popes speech, if the

Gospel has been preached to all the nations then the

end will come. The near immediate capture of old

Jerusalem verifies this conclusion.

These two current events are separated by a mere two years.

The Number 70

Adding 70 to each of these dates gives us 2035 and 2037.

Why add 70?

Numbers are difficult to interpret. They may indicate an

actual value or they may have a symbolic meaning.

70 is the product of 7 and 10, both numbers deal with

completion and have a sacred character.

From the time of Jesus birth to the destruction of Jerusalem

was 70 years.

The number 70 was on prominent display during Jesus

first coming.

It was the initiation of the new covenant accompanied by

a great calamity for the Jewish people.

At the time of the destruction of Jerusalem both

uses of the number were applicable. It is not illogical

to consider that the number 70 will somehow come

into play at the end of time.

There would be a symetrical relationship

if A) Jesus first coming at His birth and the destruction of


with B) the reaquisition of Jerusalem and Jesus

second coming.

But it would seem that the number 70 will show up

at the end as it did at the begining.

Another Application of 70

To illustrate the importance of numbers in the scheme

of things take note of the fate of the U.S.S.R.

This totally atheistic nation which treatened complete

nuclear destruction of all humanity lasted just over

70 years.

The U.S.S.R. was an attempt by Satan to undermine

Gods endtime plan by eliminating the human race.

It was certainly an apocalyptic sign.

Could God be reminding us at this time of the significance

of the number 70?

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