Shortcut to the Endtimes

Time Connections for the Endtimes

It goes without saying that all of the following is speculative.

Nothing here is carved in stone.

As Jesus says, no one knows the day or the hour of His return

Mt 24:36.

Is it necessary to be a Biblical scholar to understand the

times? By concentrating on the words of Jesus it may be

possible to gain some insight into Gods plan without an

extensive knowledge of Old Testament prophecy although

more background is always usefull.

Concentrating on the New Testament and the words of Jesus

Himself along with some knowledge of history and current

events maybe a picture can be developed.

This starts out simple.

In the late 1990s everyone was excited about the year 2000.

Some people thought that since approximatey 2000 years had

passed since the birth of Jesus Christ in His first coming

that He might be returning soon.

This coupled with unusual current events gave a strong

impression that something was going to happen.

Well, He did not come.

How Did We Get There

The logic went something like this:

In Lk 10:30-37 the parable of the Good Samaritan, the

Samaritan is gone for 2 days. It is said that the Samaritan

represents Jesus and the 2 days represent 2000 years.

This being suggested by 2 Pt 3:8 which says that to the

Lord 1 day is as 1000 years.

Hence, there would be a 2000 year separation period.

The birth of Jesus being the first coming, the year 2000

being the second coming.

Maybe the problem is that the wrong start date was chosen?

If the date of the resurrection is used instead of the birth date

we end up with 2033. Jesus would be away 2000 years.

This is almost too obvious of a guess to take seriously.

The question is- is there anything that can back up the date


First maybe we should establish that we are in what may be

called prophetic times.

Looking at some events that made people expectant in the

first place there are 3 profound events that speak to any

Christian or Jew that indicate God has determined this time

to be of immense importance.

God is Telling Us These Are Monumental Times

It is necessary to establish one truth before going forward.

What happens to the Jewish people matters.

Although Jews still need to recognize Jesus as the Messiah,

God is still speaking through them, but not through prophets.

God is speaking through events.

These events are:

----the Holocaust 1933-1945

----the rebirth of the nation of Israel 1948

----the reaquisition of old Jerusalem by Israel 1967

These 3 events happening in this order in close proximity to

each other are not explained by coincidence. A holocaust

of a people would lead to the death of that nation not its birth.

And this is followed by the fulfillment of a specific prophecy of

Jesus in a separate event. Jerusalem was obtained by the

Jewish nation apart from the recreation of the nation of Israel.

People underestimate the importance of the Holocaust in

determining the nature of these times.

The emphasis is usually put on the creation of Israel in 1948.

But it is the Holocaust that demands an explanation. It is the

Holocaust of the people chosen by God to bring His only

begotten Son into the world that tells us GOD COMMANDS

our attention. Although many millions of other people died

in the 20th century, the Jewish people are marked as the

people all others are to watch. This is because THEY

prepared the path for Jesus, just as John the Baptist.

They also have an endtimes significance as declared by

Jesus. This made them a particular target of Satan in

order to defeat Gods plan. If there are no Jews there is no

return to Jerusalem.

Holocaust denial is meant to keep us ignorant of the

prophetic time we live in.

The Holocaust relates to a previous important event, the

destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple and the murder

of one million Jews in 70 A.D. by the Roman army.

The Holocaust was the most horrible tragedy the Jewish

people had endured since that time.

As is well established six million Jews died at the hands of the

Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s.

This number is staggering. Staggering in itself and staggering

when compared to the one million deaths in 70 A.D.

It is critical to remember that this earlier tragedy was linked to

Jesus first coming.

The recreation of Israel 3 years after the war allowed

for the acquisition of Jerusalem in 1967 which is a long

awaited prophecy.

One can try to calculate odds for this succession of current

events but it is already obvious that since the time of Abraham

Jewish history is unlike any other.

Having established that God is undoubtedly calling all His

people we can confidently examine any other evidence of

Gods intent.

God Given Markers

As a matter of fact there are 2 prophecies of Jesus that come

into play.

The first has to do with preaching the Gospel to all the nations

in 1965.

The second has to do with the times of the gentiles being

fulfilled in 1967.

End Time Markers

History points to two events and two dates with meaning.

These 2 dates, 2035 and 2037 put us in the ballpark of 2033.

Important 20th Century Events

The 20th century has shown events that mark it as a special

time in history from a Judeo-Christian perspective. And it is

the apex of human accomplishment.

It has also been witness to stunning supernatural activity.

The 20th Century

Putting It Together

The last century was marked by incredible events and

coincidences. Events that show demonic activity with

the intent of circumventing the endtimes as laid out

in the New Testament. Signs of this activity should not be


Because events have GLOBAL consequences they must be

examined closely for a Satanic origin.

Anyone with a Biblical background can see that God is

preparing the world for something immense.

There is strong reason to believe we are in the era of

Jesus Second Coming.

Dates with some endtime significance are 2033, 2035

and 2037.

It is always possible for the Holy Spirit to turn mens hearts

and events.

Jesus also stated the time will be shortened Mt 24:22 so

that the date could be earlier.

But some of what has been considered is unique in history.




Could His return still be very far off?

God alone will reveal His intent.